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Google has introduced free digital marketing courses for beginners for the greater benefit of entry-level people. Amongst google free certification courses, this digital marketing course online free with a certificate is the most popular one and numerous learners enrolled in this course. It is a golden chance for everyone who wishes to start their learning journey with google products and enhance their knowledge.

Moreover, this Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course from Google is free of cost and one can learn it at its own pace. Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn a digital marketing certificate as well.

What are the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course all about?

In this course, you will learn the basics of marketing such as publishing your content and advertising it through digital platforms. These digital platforms can be web apps, search engines like google, mobile apps, email services or it can be any other digital channel.

This is the best time to accomplish such courses and make your time more productive when there is a menace of pandemics all over the globe.

Is Google Digital Marketing Course Worth it?

In short, YES Google Digital marketing course is worth it, and google digital garage certificate value is much more than you think because it can give weightage to your resume if you mention it. Moreover, you can upload it on Linked In as well as a token of recognition and the employer will definitely prioritize you while hiring you.

Who provides the Digital Marketing certification by Google?

After submitting all the assignments, completing quizzes, and answering questions successfully, you will be able to download the Digital Marketing Certificate from the portal page. A progress bar is there to give you an idea of how many courses you have completed and how much is remaining to earn a google certification.

Is Google Digital Marketing Certificate authentic?

Yes, it is an authentic certificate that can be showcased on your Linked In profile and can be mentioned in your curriculum vitae.

How Long Do the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course Take?

This course is structured with rich 26 modules, studio-recorded videos of almost 40 hours, intermittent questions, and quizzes at the end. These modules are categorized into 7 major sections in which you will learn the following skills: 

  1. How to take a business online
  2. How to make it easier for the public to locate  businesses on the internet
  3. How to reach more audience in different ways locally, via Social Media, or on Mobile
  4. How to reach an audience with ads
  5. How to track and Measure Web Traffic
  6. How to Sell Products or Services Online
  7. How to Take a Business Globally.

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Google provides the best online digital marketing courses through its project called google garage. These google academy courses designed for everyone without having any academic background in digital marketing. If you are a beginner and planning to pursue a career in digital marketing or you are a business person who wants to make your business’ presence on the web then this particular google course is for you.

How to Enroll in Google Free Online Courses?

In order to enroll in the course, you will have to make a google digital garage login. To do that click on the link provided below to navigate to google garage login to sign up for free online digital marketing courses with certificates by Google and in the end, you will get google digital unlocked for you.

Remember that you will have to give your personal details such as Your Name, Email Address in order to sign up and your email id must be valid so that you can receive an email confirmation.

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Google Free Digital Marketing Courses | Certifications | Scholarships Wisdom
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Google has introduced free digital marketing courses for beginners for the benefit of entry-level people. Google free certification courses.
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